About Me

~ Motivated by the beauty in nature. ~

~ I found my passion for photography when searching for a way to enforce my memories of my travels throughout Southern Africa. ~

~ As a nature lover my photography
became lately a very emotional matter.
linked to what is busy happening to our world and our influence towards it. ~

~ Been a photographer based in South Africa for the last 7 years. ~

Photo by Wayne Matthews

My Vision

~ All my photographs on this site is a representation of my own experiences. ~

~ Looking at a scientific or religious perspective towards our living planet,
i think every living human being knows that we have been given knowledge to manipulate nature to fit our personal needs.

To put it to the truth, this is a very selfish one way path. we expect nature to reproduce and repair itself without any input or help from our side.

The reality is that at this pace of human globalization our planet as we know it will not hold.
Without nature human life cannot sustain itself. this comes down to that in the long term we are our own worst enemy.

Personally I think the time has come for us to utilize this given knowledge and technologies to make nature work for us in a mutual way.

I hope you find herewith a connection to our splendid natural world that's long forgotten by most of us. ~

Upcoming Trips

~ NamaquaLand, South Africa ~
September 2010

~ St. Marie, Madagascar ~
December 2010